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Hazardous Areas (HA)


The HA Solution for hazardous areas is an electronic safety system that acts as a complement to the safety elements of conveyor belts or similar systems, helping to minimise risks and reduce accident rates.

Hazardous Areas recycling safety elements

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RFID activator

Tag verification

Control panel

Evitar accidentes cintas reciclaje

What is it?

The HA Solution automatically stops a machine – a crusher, for instance - when a person with the corresponding tag approaches the area indicated as "danger zone", or when a person falls inside a conveyor belt perhaps as a result of being knocked off, fainting or similar situations. This system generates a safe protocol which establishes that upon a person’s entry all activity will cease thus avoiding accidents or damages.

How does it work?

The system is responsible for detecting when a safety tag – carried by the operator as a personal key ring - enters the area configured as a "danger zone". In that case it immediately stops the machine installed there and specially configured under this solution. The interaction between the staff’s key ring and the antenna installed - whether in a crusher, compactor or any other similar machine - is generated automatically without the need for permanent human control. It provides greater safety in areas that are traditionally high occupational accident-prone zones.

The system also records the date and time the machine stopped, as well as the tag number detected in the risk zone, in order to apply safety policies in this regard and avoid similar situations in the future. In addition, this solution provides the possibility of verifying that the system is operative as an indispensable condition to work safely within the perimeter of the machine.

What elements does it include?

The HA hazardous area safety system consists of six modules:

This is the device responsible for protecting operators, stopping the machine when it’s detected by the RFID activator.

This component cancels the detection of the driver when located inside the vehicle, preventing unnecessary warnings or reading alerts errors.

This is an active device that guarantees the correct functioning of the system.

A device located in the machine which, uses low frequency signals to generate a safety zone around it.

This is a small device designed to check and register the correct functioning of the system.

This is a control box where the status of the system and the failures/alarms that occur during the workday are reported and registered.

Where can it be used?

The HA system is specially designed to be used in areas surrounding pits, presses, crushers or compactors, among other highly dangerous tools. It is also frequently used in areas located next to large conveyor belts.


· The HA system stands out for the durability and robustness of the devices that compose it.

· The different elements are not affected by the vibration of the motors, they are not affected by interferences between antennas nor by the metal structures of the machines.

· The keychain is detected in any position even when covered with material.

· The quality of the system prevents false alarms from being generated, due to the regular adjustment of the antennas.

· It also stands out for its ease of installation, and for the possibility of acquiring it through "turnkey projects" by Claitec or your local installer.

Things to consider:

This product has a 1-year warranty for material or construction defects.



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