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Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)


The PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) solution minimises any risks of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians in common work areas.
Pedestrian alert elements

System components

T-10 Tag

T-10R Tag

Wireless charge

RFID activator


Tag verification

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What is it?

The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) is a solution designed to warn forklift drivers when detecting a person at adjustable distances of 1 to 6.5 meters. It is a unique system with the capacity to discriminate between people and objects. It even detects operators who are behind a wall or a shelf!

How does it work?

Pedestrians carry Tags (Electronic keyfobs). When these are detected by the system previously installed in forklifts, it alerts the driver with warning light signals. This way the warned driver is aware that there is a person near his/her work area and can then take the necessary precautions.

What elements does it include?

The PAS solution is marketed as a kit and it’s very easy to install. The system consists of the following elements:

T-10 TAG / T-10R TAG:
This device protects pedestrians from being run over by forklifts or any other industrial vehicles. The Tag makes the operator visible to the detector and warns the driver.

It is a charger for 12 Tags T-10R.

The activator provides an immediate indication of the location and status of both an active T-10 tag and a localised TZ-tag, in order to improve their monitoring and identification capabilities. It uses low frequency signals to generate a safety zone around it.

This is an active device that guarantees the correct functioning of the device.

This small device is designed to check and register the correct functioning of the system.

Where can it be used?

The Pedestrian Alert System is ideal for use in loading and unloading areas in industries and factory spaces. It is also ideal for use in areas with poor visibility where pedestrians interact with forklifts and warehouse aisle exits.

In general, it is a highly recommended system for spaces or work areas shared between forklifts and pedestrians - such as production lines -, where the space for pedestrian and forklift traffic is very limited, and where it is essential to take extreme measures care and caution measures.


The system increases accident prevention levels in high-risk areas. In addition, it provides greater care for both operators and external persons who are touring the facilities.

Having this type of system will also allow you to negotiate better insurance policies and achieve a reduction in the instalments to be paid. In addition, there’s another aspect of this system that differentiates from other options in the market: it is capable of discriminating between obstacles and people, thus being a lot more efficient.

Things to consider:

The PAS system is applicable to forklifts with loads of up to 3.5 tons, whether retractable or counterbalanced. In addition, optimal speeds are between 6 km/h and 8 km/h.