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Truck Docking System (TDS)

What is it?

TDS is an innovative safety system that assists drivers and operators in the loading and unloading docks. It is easily coupled to their work dynamics, reducing risks and preventing accidents at work.

System components

Detection photocell

Distance measuring

Outside connection

Traffic light

Electronic wheel chock

Detection photocell

Distance measuring

Traffic light

Electronic wheel chock

What is it for?

The TDS System is specially designed to help the driver load or unload material on and off the dock in a safe and efficient manner. By taking into account that operators, forklifts and truck drivers may be involved during this process, it minimises the occupational risks that may frequently arise in these spaces.

How does it work?

When the truck arrives at the dock, the driver is aware of which entrance is available because the traffic light turns either red or green. In turn, operators can also see a light indicating whether or not the door can be opened. Then, when the truck backs up to park, it is detected by a distance measuring radar, which indicates with the outer traffic light if it is far away (green light) or if it is approaching (amber light). In addition, this radar will be accompanied by photocells at the entrance, which will indicate if the truck has arrived, causing the exterior traffic light to turn red.

When the truck arrives, the traffic light will start flashing an amber alert to warn the driver to place the wedge on the rear wheel of the vehicle. Once placed, the wedge will activate a signal to the internal switch box to notify the operators that they can now open the door, and the beacon will turn green on the internal dock.

What elements does it include?

Outside the dock:
· Outside traffic light
· Electronic wheel chock or wedge
· Distance measuring radar
· Detection photocell
· Outside connection box

Inside the dock:
· Switch box with RGB beacon on top
· Open door sensor and audible alarm

Where can it be used?

The TDS system is specially designed for loading and unloading docks. It can be used in industries, warehouse spaces and logistics terminals of different types.


It is a simple and easy to install solution. It requires very few elements to start operating and its contributions are quickly identifiable, significantly improving the safety and efficiency of work on loading docks.

Things to consider

If, for whatever reason, the truck went over the chock or wedge and left without completing the task, the TDS system will activate a very loud audible alarm to alert all operators in the area of the possible danger, also turn the colour of the interior beacon in the dock to red. In addition, the system also offers the possibility of detecting people between the distance measuring radar and the truck, adding more safety and control options to those who operate in loading docks.


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