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How to make sure that the t-10 tag works properly

By checking the tags on the AV-50 antenna, we are able to verify that each person’s T-10 tag is in perfect working condition before entering the protected area.

Asegurar funcionamiento t-10

1. Verification register Software.

2. AV-50 Antenna (LF antennas and HF included)

3. Personnel with Tag.



As the Tag approaches the verification antenna 4 things happen:


1. It checks the condition of the tag’s battery.

The T-10 Tag communicates the state of charge (voltage) of the battery to the antenna’s verification system.

If the value is below 2.90V the AV-50 antenna shows a red light and beeps to alert the person that the battery’s tag is running out.


When a battery below 2.90V is detected for the first time or if it is at a 30% charge, the tag has sufficient autonomy to operate under normal conditions and fully functionally for 3 days.


2. It checks the LF communication.

The verification system of the AV-50 antenna emits a detection field.

When a tag is close to the antenna, it awakens, it checks the charge of the battery and it informs the AV-50.


3. It checks the HF communication.

The AV-50 antenna receives the voltage of the battery through the HF. The AV-50 checks the battery’s condition and it makes a decision according to the state of the tag – if it has sufficient charge, nothing occurs, but if the battery needs replacing, it raises an alarm.


4. It records the result of the analysis.

During each battery analysis and software usage, the system registers the result of the analysis.
By registering date and time, you can keep track of whether the T-10 tags are properly verified and whether there is a tag that needs to have its battery replaced.


The following are some Questions and Answer to consider if the test unit lights up in red:

  • How is it determined or measured when the light must be red ?

Measuring the voltage of the battery and determining it is below 2.90V


  • Is a tag with red light still detectable and thus safe to use?

Yes it is, the tag is fully functional even when the battery is low. Because there is a 30% safe battery.


  • If so, for how long?

For at least 3 days in normal working conditions.


The AV-50 verification antenna ensures that the T10 Tag works 100% correctly and the battery lasts at least 3 days from verification.

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