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Aitor is a senior technician in industrial automation and robotics with over 7 years of experience in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, logistics, or flexography.
He has been responsible for the robotization and maintenance of several welding lines, as well as other OT-E tasks, ranging from providing customized solutions to clients, supporting the R&D department, or developing electrical panels and PLC programs.
Aitor joins the after-sales team to provide internal support and support to our clients.
In his free time, he enjoys music, especially playing the guitar, and computing. He is also passionate about competitive video games, a hobby he dedicates himself to whenever he has time.

Welcome Aitor!

Ivan is currently studying a higher degree in web application development at the Angles Institute, while also learning new programming languages on his own.
After successfully completing his internship at Claitec, he has joined our software development team where he will provide support for the Safeyu platform.
In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, and has a great passion for video games.

Welcome to Claitec!

We also want to welcome Laia, who has completed a double degree in Business Administration and Economics at the University of Girona.
Beyond her academic background, Laia has an insatiable curiosity and a great ability to adapt to different environments, reflecting her innovative vision in the face of business and economic challenges.
She is passionate about traveling, which has led her to immerse herself in different cultures and acquire an invaluable global perspective that we are eager to incorporate into our Sales Back Office team where she joins.

Welcome Laia!

Machinery found in industrial environments like crushers, presses, recycling plants, etc. can pose a high risk to workers in case of mishaps like falls or blackouts. These can lead to serious accidents and yet, we are often unaware of the existence of effective safety systems to prevent such eventualities.

While our first safety measure starts with the appropriate training of authorised personnel to ensure compliance in accessing and using these machines, it’s important to remember that we are all humans and there’s always bound to be distractions, recklessness, or unexpected factors, such as falls or blackouts.

The Hazardous Areas (HA) developed by Claitec has been specifically designed for this type of situations.

The HA Solution is an activator installed on a machine which stops its operation if a worker is detected on the conveyor belt. To be detected, workers must carry a personal tag – such as the T-10R, a device we have recently discussed on this blog.

The HA solution also requires a control box that constantly verifies the correct functioning of the system.

Claitec has implemented the HA system in more than 100 plants, allowing us to verify its effectiveness and, most importantly, helping us identify the areas where we can make continuous improvements to increase overall safety at work. Our latest version features many enhanced functionalities over its previous versions.

We invite you to learn more about this system by visiting our website and to contact us should you have any questions or enquiries. Our expert team members will be happy to assist you!

The T-10R enables detection by forklifts in shared work environments, preventing potential collisions of workers with forklifts.  
That’s why, to stay safe, it’s crucial for everyone to carry one such device. This personal tag is an evolution of its predecessor, the T-10, offering additional layers of security:

  • Increased luminous signals
  • Sound warnings when an imminent danger is detected,
  • Immediate alert to both forklift drivers equipped with the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) and pedestrians carrying this little ally, ensuring their safety at all times.
  • Vibration alert in case of reduced audibility, even for the most distracted individuals!

Besides improving detection efficiency, this technological evolution also offers various technical enhancements such as longer battery life or wireless charging capability, among other functions.

All these improvements and functionalities make this small tag an almost essential complement when it comes to pedestrian safety. Thanks to the T-10R, and instant communication is established between the forklift operator and pedestrians, mutually alerting them to each other’s presence.

This not only reduces the risk of accidents, but it also fosters a safer and more efficient work environment, where the coexistence between machinery and personnel is managed proactively. Prevention is key to avoiding potentially dangerous situations and ensuring harmony in the workplace.

If you have any queries about this or any of our devices or solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

Workplace safety is not just a priority – it is the backbone that supports operational efficiency and the well-being of workers. For Claitec, a company specialised in the development of advanced safety devices, constant evolution is the key to staying one step ahead of emerging challenges.
In this article, we’d like to explore five solutions designed by our team to transform safety in warehouses.

These improvements will not only strengthen the occupational safety of your company but will also open the door to a new way of using advanced technology to your advantage.

1. Integration of Intelligent Systems:

Have you thought of implementing a centralised system that integrates all your safety devices?
For instance: radars, security doors, identity verification devices, and personal sensors, working all together…This is precisely what our Safeyu platform will do for you.

The efficient coordination of all these devices will enhance the detection and response to potential risk situations.

2. Identity Verifiers:

Enhance security in warehouse access by implementing identity verification for authorised personnel. By combining devices such as our T-10R with the AV-30 antenna you’ll be ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to specific areas.

3. Automated Response Systems:

And how about implementing automated response systems that act immediately in emergency situations?
For example, doors that block access in dangerous situations like our PSG (Pedestrian Safety Gate) or radars that activate audible and visual alarms.

Automation can considerably reduce response time to critical incidents.

4. Speed Regulation:

By implementing devices that intelligently regulate the speed of forklifts such as the LSA (Low Speed Area) solution developed by Claitec and using sensor technology, you can monitor environmental conditions and automatically adjust the forklift’s speed to avoid collisions, especially in high-traffic areas or where pedestrians are present.

5. Predictive Maintenance of Forklifts:

You can also implement predictive maintenance systems to monitor the condition of forklifts. In a recent article, we discussed our Copilot solution and its checklist functionality that can anticipate potential failures or maintenance needs, allowing planned interventions and reducing the risk of accidents due to unforeseen mechanical issues.

In the constant pursuit of improvement in safety and operational efficiency in warehouses, the implementation of advanced technologies emerges as the path to a risk-free future.

Each innovation has a clear purpose: to transform the work environment, protecting lives and safeguarding the integrity of individuals.

If you are keen to find out more about any of the solutions and possibilities offered by Claitec, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to assist!

The video we would like to share today is a continuation of the virtual tour presented previously. Both show that at Claitec, we are constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of excellence in our products and services, always prioritising user support through various channels.

On this occasion, we present both the improved versions such as the TDS (Truck Docking System) , as well as the innovative solutions recently incorporated. Together with those presented in the previous video, these solutions take you on a complete journey that represents Claitec’s proposal and values.

The first of the new products we would like to share with you is the “Truck Inside Dock” – an effective solution which uses a projection on the ground to alert about the presence of a forklift manoeuvrings inside a truck at the loading dock.  In addition, the speed of the vehicle can be controlled using our LSA (Low Speed Area) solution, preventing accidents caused by inappropriate speeds during these manoeuvres.

Then, we have the VSG (Virtual Safety Gate), a solution that projects a luminous sign as a virtual gate indicating the right of way at intersections or when a restricted area is crossed without authorisation. In addition to the luminous simulation, it also generates a high-intensity sound signal to help prevent any distraction or recklessness.

The Crossing Radar is also one of the new products presented in this video. This system uses a radar at intersections with reduced visibility to warn vehicles or pedestrians about the presence of a forklift. It projects a luminous warning on the ground as a vehicle is detected.

As far as forklifts are concerned, our HLS (High Load Sensor) solution addresses the frequent problem of loads with excess height. A sensor feeds the driver constant information about whether the load exceeds the permitted height, improving visibility and preventing collisions.

Another solution used to address risk areas and situations is the so-called Detection Areas, designed for environments where high-risk machinery is frequently used. This solution can prevent serious accidents by stopping a conveyor belt as soon as it detects a person equipped with a personal tag -, hence preventing fatal consequences.

And finally, the latest of our safety solution is the innovative Safeyu platform, a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage all Claitec solutions from one single place, providing a record of all incidents and instructions in real time.

But that is not all, in addition to all the above solutions, we have also created a range of scenes that show our improvements or complement even more our solutions to increase safety.  Some of these scenes include the TDS (Truck Docking System) – with improved functions -, and the PSG (Pedestrian Safety Gate), which is shown in operation together with limiting barriers to manage traffic more efficiently.

We hope you enjoy this new journey and invite you to share, comment, and contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

We continue expanding our team.

Today, we are pleased to welcome Maciej, who joins Claitec’s commercial department as a Technical Support Engineer.

Maciej has completed his degree in Automation and Robotics at the Poznan University of Technology, Poland..

He has extensive experience in the implementation and programming of logical controls, as well as in control systems, both in industrial plants dedicated to water processing and in facilities specialized in wood processing.

In his free time, Maciej enjoys traveling on his motorcycle or practicing cycling. Additionally, he has a keen interest in learning languages and has recently discovered his passion for dance, practicing Salsa and Bachata.

We extend a warm welcome to Maciej!

Numerous factors can lead to hazardous situations in areas where pedestrians and forklifts interact frequently. And while there are a number of different solutions to help mitigate these risks, choosing the most suitable option for a specific issue can be complex and it requires a professional and experienced vision. Vision the experts at Claitec will be glad to share with you in guiding you towards the solution that will best reduce potential risks in your workplace.

The Visual Alert System is also a highly effective tool to assist you in minimising workplace risks.

Designed by our team of professionals, the Visual Alert System (VAS) projects high-intensity, bright visual signals to warn pedestrians and drivers of potential dangers in their vicinity.

The applications of this system are broad, particularly in areas of limited mobility, where a chance encounter due to lack of visibility can occur in a matter of seconds. Such is the case of narrow aisles with blind spots and the presence of ambient noise that hinders the detection of nearby vehicles.

This solution presents different options regarding intensity and choice of projected image.

Additionally, it can be complemented with other solutions developed by Claitec, such as the Pedestrian Alert System (PAS), increasing its effectiveness by detecting pedestrians or forklifts and alerting them to the presence of colleagues manoeuvring and walking nearby.

In summary, the VAS system is a good example of how effective signalling can significantly contribute to preventing accidents in industrial environments and in any place where pedestrians and vehicles interact regularly.

For more information about this solution, we invite you to visit our product section or to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you!

We start this 2024 with excellent news, as our team continues to grow and incorporate talent that will bring us experience and new innovative perspectives.

Damián studied Autonomous Process Engineering at UCA (Cádiz) and joins Claitec’s production team, bringing 20 years of experience in his field.

Likewise, he holds certification from the elevator guild in industrial maintenance and installation.

In his free time, he is passionate about music production and composition, having released three albums at the national level.

Daniel is finishing a double degree in electrical engineering and industrial engineering at UDG.

After completing his internship at Claitec, he joins the team in the software development department.

Outside his professional activity, Daniel is a leisure monitor and a fan of video games.

Furthermore, he actively participates in Eurobot, an international robotic competition.

Finally joins the team Marc.

Graduated in Computer Engineering from UDG, Marc will join Claitec’s Research and Development team.

In his leisure time, he enjoys skateboarding and cycling. During the winter, he also dedicates time to snowboarding.

Passionate about GNU/Linux, Marc shows interest in various fields of computer science, including binary exploitation, compilers, and 3D programming.

We welcome them to the team!

While it is true that there are many unpredictable elements that can generate a hazardous situation or even provoke accidents in industrial workspace, at Claitec, we have identified the four main factors and have focused our energy on developing effective solutions to address them. These action factors are:

Pedestrian Safety

Our priority is to safeguard the integrity of workers moving in areas where they interact with loading vehicles. To cover the risks associated with this factor, we have created the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System), which uses communicative accessories to provide visual and auditory signals that alert workers to potential risks.

Collision Prevention:

Collisions – whether between vehicles or with people -, are constant risks in industrial environments. Our CAS (Collision Alert System) is installed on forklifts to detect the presence of other vehicles or people properly equipped with obstacle safety tags, emitting visual and auditory alerts for drivers to take preventive measures.

Speed Control

Excessive speed in areas shared by pedestrians and forklifts poses a significant danger. Our LSA (Low Speed Area) solution restricts the speed of forklifts in high-risk zones. Its installation is simple and effective, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Traffic Management

Efficient traffic management in areas with a high density of vehicles and pedestrians can prevent costly accidents both economically and, especially, on a human level. Our TCS (Traffic Control System) combines devices that communicate with each other to facilitate coexistence in these areas.

Additionally, our solutions can be combined to enhance their functionality and effectiveness. At Claitec, we continue to innovate and seek constant improvement.Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – we are here to help!

Technology has emerged as a key ally in enhancing workplace safety in warehouses and industrial facilities. Through various technological innovations, we have achieved a safer and more efficient working environment.

One of the most notable ways this new science has contributed to workplace safety is through real-time tracking and monitoring systems using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). These systems allow constant tracking of assets, products, and, most importantly, workers.

At Claitec, we have developed tracking and location devices that ensure all employees are safe and in their designated areas, which is essential for preventing accidents and ensuring personnel integrity.

Furthermore, this technology has led to advanced access control systems, exemplified by our AV-30, which allows access control for authorised and properly equipped personnel. The ability to authorise access to these specific areas is a critical component to ensure safety in work environments. These systems are based on electronic identifications and smart tags that grant access to specific zones, thereby minimising the risks of unwanted intrusions.

Radiofrequency has also driven the development of proximity detection systems, designed to alert workers when they approach danger zones or mobile equipment, enabling immediate reactions and preventing potentially hazardous collisions.

The digitisation and automation of processes, along with data analytics, also play a fundamental role in workplace safety. These systems enable companies to identify potential risks and take proactive preventive measures.

In this context, Claitec has invested in the development of the Safeyu platform, capable of managing all Claitec devices, generating reports, and creating an incident log for future decision-making.

Therefore, technology has been a driving force for the improvement of workplace safety, and on our part, we will continue to invest in research and improvement based on our experience and that of our clients.

Should you have any queries or to learn more about our products, feel free to contact us, we are here to help!

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