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5 Improvements that will help you create a Risk-Free Work Environment

Workplace safety is not just a priority – it is the backbone that supports operational efficiency and the well-being of workers. For Claitec, a company specialised in the development of advanced safety devices, constant evolution is the key to staying one step ahead of emerging challenges.
In this article, we’d like to explore five solutions designed by our team to transform safety in warehouses.

These improvements will not only strengthen the occupational safety of your company but will also open the door to a new way of using advanced technology to your advantage.

1. Integration of Intelligent Systems:

Have you thought of implementing a centralised system that integrates all your safety devices?
For instance: radars, security doors, identity verification devices, and personal sensors, working all together…This is precisely what our Safeyu platform will do for you.

The efficient coordination of all these devices will enhance the detection and response to potential risk situations.

2. Identity Verifiers:

Enhance security in warehouse access by implementing identity verification for authorised personnel. By combining devices such as our T-10R with the AV-30 antenna you’ll be ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to specific areas.

3. Automated Response Systems:

And how about implementing automated response systems that act immediately in emergency situations?
For example, doors that block access in dangerous situations like our PSG (Pedestrian Safety Gate) or radars that activate audible and visual alarms.

Automation can considerably reduce response time to critical incidents.

4. Speed Regulation:

By implementing devices that intelligently regulate the speed of forklifts such as the LSA (Low Speed Area) solution developed by Claitec and using sensor technology, you can monitor environmental conditions and automatically adjust the forklift’s speed to avoid collisions, especially in high-traffic areas or where pedestrians are present.

5. Predictive Maintenance of Forklifts:

You can also implement predictive maintenance systems to monitor the condition of forklifts. In a recent article, we discussed our Copilot solution and its checklist functionality that can anticipate potential failures or maintenance needs, allowing planned interventions and reducing the risk of accidents due to unforeseen mechanical issues.

In the constant pursuit of improvement in safety and operational efficiency in warehouses, the implementation of advanced technologies emerges as the path to a risk-free future.

Each innovation has a clear purpose: to transform the work environment, protecting lives and safeguarding the integrity of individuals.

If you are keen to find out more about any of the solutions and possibilities offered by Claitec, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to assist!

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