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VSG, a virtual gate for the safe passage of pedestrians

Ensuring the integrity of employees our industries is an absolute priority for Claitec. That is why we are continually looking for improvement tools that prevent occupational accidents and contribute to safety and health at work. And today, we would like to introduce you to our most recent development, the VSG (Virtual Safety Gate) Solution.

The VSG Solution consists of a virtual door operated by photocells and activated by movement. When access to a certain area or intersection is not allowed, the VSG activates a warning system that projects a red line on the ground.

If the door detects a forklift, a line is projected on the ground indicating that access is not allowed. If the driver crosses decides to cross the virtual door against the warning, a light and a sound alarm switch on, and a signal is sent to the vehicle so that the driver is aware of the danger.

Furthermore, this innovative solution can be easily combined with other Claitec tools, such as the VAS Solution. In this case, a pedestrian crossing can be created and program it so that when the door system detects a forklift, the pedestrian crossing is cancelled.

Please note:

It should be noted that the VSG Solution stands out for its multiple benefits and many ways of adapting to the environment where it operates. For instance, if a warehouse does not have any doors, this system can solve the work dynamics by generating virtual doors, thus making the place safer and more practical, and avoiding the need to invest in enclosures.
This system also requires no maintenance, takes up almost no space and is easy to install, thus becoming a highly useful solution for any industry.

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