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What if employees forget to use their safety devices?

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Being in permanent contact with our customers helps us find out any new questions they might have about the optimal use of Claitec’s products. Today, we’d like to answer a particular concern one of our customers has raised with regards the PAS system.

To review, Claitec’s Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) issues a warning that alerts forklift drivers when it detects pedestrians at adjustable distances from 1 to 6.5 meters. In order for this to happen, pedestrians must wear a security tag (Tags T-10) that alerts the driver via a system of light signals. With the PAS, the company is guaranteeing more security for its workers.

One of the concerns a particular client has raised centres on the need of pedestrians to wear the tag as a personal identifier and to ensure their protection. These are the questions asked by the client and our answers to each of them:


1. Some people forget to wear the tag all the time

Basically, it is a matter of habit. It’s necessary to create a methodology, a process that makes wearing the tag a daily habit. It’s important to find a way to make it part of the everyday life of the workers but, above all, to make them understand that it is there for their own safety.

All our clients have made it compulsory in their warehouses for people to wear our tags at all times as a safety requirement. Some have even decided that given the importance of this matter, a worker who is not wearing the PAS tag could be subjected to an immediate dismissal.

While every warehouse and company are different, they all must find ways to create a culture of security for everyone involved. As people have become accustomed to wearing PPE, special safety shoes, or helmets, they would also have to get used to wearing the pedestrian protection T-10 tag.

Posters, brochures, displays – any of these means are useful to remind workers about their safety, and thus promote the use of various safety devices.


2. The driver forgets to put the tag in the inhibitor

This omission is not a risk. When the driver forgets to put the tag in the inhibitor, the forklift will detect the tag (which will not be inhibited) and, therefore, begin issuing warning signs constantly. Depending on the situation, these will be visual or audible, but in any case they will easily draw the driver’s attention.


3. The driver forgets to pick up the Tag as he gets off the forklift

The best solution to this problem is to use an accessory so that the driver always has the tag attached to his clothing. This may be done via cable, or a “yo-yo” format which, automatically collects and releases the wire (see attached pictures).

Both methods ensure that the driver and any pedestrians on the floor, are not able to detach from the tag. This solution also applies to Problem 1: If the person attaches the tag to his or her work clothes or reflective vest, they will be less likely to forget it.

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