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The Fall Protection System: a great ally for the wood industry


We know that the wood industry is a dynamic sector with a strong export focus. It demands a large amount of labour and it involves various industrial hazardous processes which place high safety demands on staff.


Today we’d like to talk about the benefits that the application of the Fall Protection System developed by Claitec brings to this industry and why it meets its reality and needs to the tee.

First, we must bear in mind that the wood industry involves the permanent use of heavy machinery, elevators, large trucks, cranes, and saws for the processing and preparation of raw materials. In addition, there’s the handling and process of large logs. This means that a simple oversight can leave the operator vulnerable to being crushed or seriously injured.


That’s why we are convinced that the Fall Protection Solution is a key ally for the wood industry. An extremely easy-to-install and use, this system is composed of an anchor point, a fall arrest mechanism, a steel retractable cable and a safety harness.

When performing such tasks or when handling these tools, the operator only needs to attach his/her harness to the retractable cable – at the fixed mooring point -, and he /she will be protected. In case of falling, the device is responsible for immediately detecting what’s happening and sending a signal to stop the machinery involved, preventing the automatic operation from causing any harm to the person.


The shape and structure of the fixed mooring point should be sufficient to prevent the automatic disconnection and sliding of the device. Therefore, the use of fixed and certified fixed mooring points is recommended, in accordance with the European standard EN795.

This system’s components stand out for their durability and robustness, qualities that ensure their correct operation in intense work spaces and in industrial areas that may require the constant use of this device. The system is suitable to be used in any of the work areas related to the wood industry. It can help tremendously to improve accident prevention when working with tools such as presses, crushers, compactors or large fixed saws.


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