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Three tools that will help you prevent accidents while in reverse gear

It’s a common manoeuvre.

Forklifts everywhere circulate in reverse gear in our narrow and complex-to-navigate spaces while carrying large loads, creating potentially risky situations, and causing accidents or threatening occupational safety in our warehouses.  

That’s why in this post we would like to introduce three tools designed to prevent problems when machines are operating in reverse gear.

1- The PAS Pedestrian Alert System, one of our hero tools!

This system has proven to be highly efficient in all kinds of uses to improve industrial safety. It is undoubtedly a key ally in the prevention of accidents when trucks are manoeuvring in reverse gear.
The PAS System warns forklift drivers when it detects a person at adjustable distances from 1 to 6.5 meters. It is capable of differentiating people and objects, and it can even detect workers located behind a wall or a shelf.
It is, therefore, a safe and efficient tool in reverse gear driving situations because drivers will notice a warning when another operator is in their vicinity no matter how focused they are on manoeuvring.

2- The CAS-G2 Anti-Collision System.

A system designed to prevent forklift crashes. The next step up in Claitec’s CAS System evolution, this new state-of-the-art tool warns forklift drivers when it detects other cargo vehicles in nearby areas and in risk situations.

El funcionamiento del CAS-G2 se basa en la detección de otros vehículos también equipados con éste. Las zonas de detección son configurables, con un alcance de hasta 40 metros. De esa forma, aunque la carretilla se encuentre en un Once a forklift is equipped with the CAS-G2 system, it detects other vehicles also equipped with the same device. Detection zones are configurable, with a range of up to 40 meters. This means that even if the forklift is in a blind spot or it is moving behind a shelf or through a space that cannot be perceived, the system will detect its presence, and will notify drivers approaching it, so that they can take the necessary precautions.

3- The VAS Alert Display System.

A new development that warns pedestrians and/or forklift drivers of dangerous situations by projecting signals on the ground. The VAS System helps organise pedestrian and forklift traffic and is very efficient in alerting operators. Someone circulating when a forklift is conducting a reverse manoeuvre will be able to see the warning signs and take the necessary precautions to prevent an otherwise unavoidable accident.

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