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TZ2 TAG: enhancing PAS solutions



As technology advances, new solutions emerge to the challenges faced by businesses everywhere.

Some companies are reluctant to change and they’d rather stay away from any newly developed devices. Others, however, see an opportunity to improve and choose to enhance the tools they already have.


Claitec listens and evolves

The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) is a solution designed to ensure the welfare of pedestrians in the workplace. This safety device alerts the driver of a truck when a pedestrian at an adjustable distance of 1 to 6.5 meters is detected. It is equipped with electronic tags which, warn the driver of the vehicle about the presence of a worker.


But what happens when the truck is exposed to other security situations?

For example, what happens when a truck approaches an area with poor visibility where another vehicle might suddenly appear?

These are but some of the questions posed by our customers and we are only too glad to resolve every single one of their concerns for them. And that’s because at Claitec, we like to constantly monitor the needs and expectations of our customers. We know that their feedback is the key we need to improve our processes every single day.

At the same time, we understand that it is important for this process to occur in a quick and decisive manner in order to accelerate our rate of improvement for our customers and ourselves.

After a thorough process of research and innovation, the TZ2 Tag was developed.


What is the TZ2 Tag?

The Tz2 Tag is an electronic device that enhances and extends the reach of PAS system solutions. How?  By introducing a very valuable addition to standard Tag PAS systems – a relay designed to automate a specific process when a truck is within its range.

This presents a great opportunity to increase the use of PAS Tag system as it has the ability to prevent risk situations through automated alerts as in the following cases:

  • It allows the automatic opening of a door as the truck approaches it.
  • It activates a traffic light anywhere in the warehouse through the system known as Pedestrian Crossing Safety (PCS).
  • It is also used in Areas without Visibility or Blind Spot (BS) solutions, which allows the user to activate alarms for a range of risk situations, such as intersections in low visibility areas.
  • It is also used in Narrow Aisle Systems (NAS), which minimises the risk of collision between trucks in narrow corridors which are considered to be high risk situations when operating with trucks.

One of the greatest advantages of this product is that without a large investment in plant and infrastructure it maximises the use of a system that is already in operation, in this case, the PAS.

It is a very efficient way to significantly increase the security of a plant or warehouse.


To better adapt to the needs of different customers, we have developed two different versions of this product.

  • Version A: It activates both the truck’s relay and its own when it enters the area of ​​influence.
  • Version B: It activates the relay itself and the truck’s relay remains inactive when in the area of influence

In terms of technical specifications, the TZ2 Tag is powered by 24V DC. If necessary, an accessory is available with a Universal Power Supply 230 VAC.


Technology must be at the service not only of business processes but also of the people working in that environment. When a company incorporates technology that meets both these objectives, it is a sign that it considers changes as opportunities rather than problems to be avoided.

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