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For more than 50 years, the ASSE’s Professional Development Conference has been and will continue to be the direct reflection of what is taking place in the occupational, safety and health industry.


Again this year, MRes Imports LLC, Claitec’s importer for the United States of America, exhibited its PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) product ranges and latest developments.


MRES Imports LLC ´s presence at the conference represented an excellent opportunity to promote the CLAITEC brand and products on the American market.



Safety is of interest to all of us. As a topic of conversation it should not be any more controversial than talking about the weather, for instance.

Instead, safety is a sensitive issue to deal with, especially because safety advice – whether given by a safety professional or in conversations amongst co-workers – tends to fall on deaf ears.


Giving unsolicited advice on safety is not always an easy experience, especially when people are not sure how to get the safety message across to others and, when workers seem to be reluctant about accepting safety advice.



  • They don’t like being told what to do. Most people simply cannot tolerate to be given advise.


  • They don’t believe they are in any danger. Workers do not see the need for safety advice, either because they think they have heard it all before or because they believe that what they are doing is safe. We tend to overestimate our ability to do everything and we underestimate the risks we face while we do it. We also believe that bad things are more likely to happen to others instead of us.


  • Experience is an important factor when dealing with safety compliance. On the one hand, experience tells us what needs to be monitored. On the other hand, experience is what allows us to feel confident enough to skip steps and break with safety protocols. It may be difficult to convince a co-worker that his or her conduct is not safe if he or she has been working like this for years without any incidents.


  • Whatever you consider to be an assistance, they consider it to be an imposition. It can be difficult to maintain a calm and neutral attitude when the risks are high. When a worker is about to harm himself or others, emotional messages are triggered in our brains and we approach the situation in less rational ways. Every time someone comes to us with these emotions, we tend to be defensive, so we are often on the wrong foot from the beginning.


At Claitec, we propose to introduce new technologies in workplace safety protocols, which will help workers focus on the work to be done while the implemented safety devices ensure their safety at the workplace.


Too often, workers are victims of accidents with consequences that, in many cases, range from severe to fatal.

The risk of accidents tends to increase when workers are in the vicinity of active heavy machinery.


By implementing the use of small electronic devices, Claitec can detect the location and movement of people and vehicles at all times. This also allows the development of a wide range of applications that solve safety problems and enable better production.

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