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Machinery safety expert CMSE certificate


At the core of our mission to constantly improve the solutions offered at Claitec, there’s a deep understanding of the needs of our customers in the field of industrial safety. These needs are continually changing, even more so in an environment in which technology evolves at such dizzying speeds.

To keep pace with all these developments, at Claitec we have launched a new training process in machine safety, with the objective that all our technicians become certified as safety experts through a program called Certified Machinery Safety Expert.


CMSE® Certified Machinery Safety Expert


The German TÜV NORD offers the CMSE® Certified Machinery Safety Expert Certificate in response to the rise of new automation and robotics of the last decade. Companies are equipping themselves with modern and complex machines, resulting in a need for greater capacity and knowledge to develop a safety strategy in the use of machinery by operators.

Machines are constantly redesigned to ensure maximum safety but part of the responsibility always lies with whoever operates them. In completion of the CMSE® course, the TÜV NORD will grant each participant a certificate attesting to their diversified knowledge on the safe use of the machines.


Upon completion, the course will allow participants to be able to evaluate and implement the safety standards required by the plant and its machinery. In addition, it also covers the entire life cycle in the operation of the machinery – from the moment when risks are assessed and the first safety concepts are developed, to the implementation of the strategies and their correct application is ensured.




Chetrit Ricard, Managing Director of Claitec, was the first of our technicians to obtain the CMSE certification. The company aims at having all Claitec technicians obtain this certification.


“The Certified Machinery Safety Expert course has made me a lot more capable in all areas pertaining to the safe operation of machinery. The technicians teaching the course approved by the TÜV proved highly skilled in the subject. Their dedication to the matter motivated all participants to continue learning. The size of the groups allowed for great participation in the practical examples, while being big enough to encourage debate and discussion with people holding different perspectives.”


Ricard Chetrit, Managing Director at Claitec

MRES Claitec safety


As part of our continuous strategic global development, we at Claitec have expanded our capabilities of providing total safety solutions by signing an agreement with MRES Imports LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions Inc. (MRES), as our exclusive partner and importer for the United States of America. This is the result of a long standing relationship between the two companies focused on serving the needs of mutual clients throughout the USA.


MRES Imports LLC will undertake the exclusive representation and distribution for the USA of Claitec Safety Solutions, for all products including our flagship PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) and LSA (Low Speed Area).


This is another major step for Claitec to support our growing customer base in the USA using our innovative and technology driven solutions in safety with specific regards to pedestrian and forklift interaction.


About Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions.

Since 2004 MRES has been a leading provider in the USA of Automated Lubrication Systems, Active and Passive Safety Systems, and Maintenance Products for use with Mobile Heavy Equipment, On-Highway and Vocational Transport Equipment, Stationary and Mobile Industrial Equipment, and Cranes.

Our industries include Heavy Construction, Building Construction, Mining and Aggregates, Oil and Gas, Refuse and Waste, Agriculture, Transportation, Rail, Vertical Lift, Governmental and Municipalities, Industrial, and Food Processing.

Our teams of highly qualified and dedicated individuals have multiple years of experience as distributors and end users in these fields.


Now with a solely focused approach towards Industrial Safety and Accident Prevention, MRES Imports LLC has been established to provide those resources.

For more information please visit our sites at www.mountainregionaleq.com and www.mresimportsllc.com


About Claitec.

Claitec is a global technology-driven company specializing in the implementation of Industrial Safety and Accident Prevention Solutions.

Our product range consists of several safety systems that can be customized to suit the needs of each company.


Claitec is committed to continuously improving our Industrial Safety and Accident Prevention Solutions and to constantly update our technological know-how in order to become pioneers in innovation.

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