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Industrial vehicles/elevators and pedestrians coexist every day in our work spaces.

To minimise the potential risks that this coexistence brings about, we must rely on safety solutions that provide operators with the greatest possible guarantees and create an efficient and modern work space.

And that’s precisely our mission at Claitec.

Proof of it is the latest success story by one of our most renowned customers, Toyota.

The car manufacturing giant combined Claitec’s PAS and VAS Systems to solve a need developed by OEZ Letohrad of the Siemens group, which produces automatic compact switches for customers around the world.

In this case, Toyota evaluated the occupational safety threats present in the mentioned firm and offered a solution to avoid the risk of possible collisions between loading equipment and employees in unsafe places and areas with high volume of traffic, such as crossings and corridors.

The proposed solution consisted in combining a VAS (Visual Alert System) projector with the PAS technology.

The VAS solution is an innovative development designed to warn pedestrians and/or forklifts of potential risk situations by projecting signals on the ground.

While the PAS system warns drivers when a person is detected in distances of 1 to 6.5 meters. It’s a unique system capable of discriminating people and objects, and even detecting operators who are behind a wall or a shelf.

The solution generated for OEZ Letohrad consisted in projecting a warning image on the ground when a pedestrian arrives at a crossing and a dangerous situation is detected.

Similar to a traffic light, it warns about accessing the area and it indicates to the person arriving at that intersection that there is a forklift operating in his or her proximity and inviting them to be careful and act with caution.

The installed system can detect a forklift that is outside the circulating lane and invisible through the panoramic mirrors (which are often placed too high to be seen or not used by operators).

The projector, on the other hand, emits its signal directly on the ground making it a lot easier to be detected by drivers who, therefore are able to circulate more safely and more protected.

The company installed the devices in nine forklifts and placed 13 projectors in total, ensuring a total of twelve spots. The intervention was carried out in just a few days.

If you would like to have more information about these solutions or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help!


Noise is generally defined as an “inarticulate, usually disagreeable sound”.

And that’s exactly what we’d like to talk about in this post – Noise!


Our aim is to highlight the areas that need to be taken care of in order to avoid noise pollution in the industrial sector and to help improve the workspaces we spent most of our days at.

Industrial work generates a large and almost inevitable amount of noise.

Only the ignition and start-up of any truck or machine contaminates a workspace from a noise point of view. Then, there’s the noises that are generated when loading and unloading large objects and merchandise. The handling of different tools and machineries…


Even people’s conversations!

All of these are aspects that add “inarticulate and disagreeable sounds” in a workspace, and that we can’t ignore.

So, we know that there are noises that are inherent to our daily functioning and that in a way, these are inevitable. But we can certainly generate an importante change and a real improvement in the way in which we normalise those situations and how we act in consequence.


Orientation and training of personnel in these matters is key.


It is essential that the members of the organisation understand the impact that overbearing noise has on health, so that they can be more cautious and try to have a lesser impact around them. In addition, it is of paramount importance that they know how to protect themselves against loud noises and measure their exposure to them.

We must bear in mind that noise can generate chronic health problems, and that being exposed to high levels of noise can end up causing the loss of the sense of hearing.

It is also important to rely on professionals to help us identify – with the appropriate tools – the main elements generating disturbing noises, so that we can start working on them and finding the best way to minimise their impact on the work environment.


A simple way to measure noise in an industry is to start a conversation with another person at arm’s length. If it is not really possible to maintain a conversation in a normal tone and you’re forced to shout in order to understand what is being said, it is clear that noise levels need to be reduced.

A high noise situation can also be dangerous because, for example, an operator may not hear a task partner when he or she gives an emergency warning or tries to warn them about an urgent situation.


It is also important to provide operators with the necessary equipment to protect themselves – be it earplugs or earmuffs – and stop the most intense sounds in their workspace. However, these methods are indicated by the experts as least efficient, while it is recommended to work as a priority on the initial cause of noise, and the other aspects mentioned above.


Would you like to find out more information about this topic or about any of the products we develop at Claitec?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you!

The team at Claitec has just returned from a new edition of the Logimat fair and we are still can’t believe the incredible experience we’ve just lived!

Once again, this important event in the field of Intralogistics and Process Management Solutions has exceeded everyone’s expectations, leaving us with many different learning and enriching experiences.

During the fair – held from February 19 to 21 in Stuttgart, Germany -, we were proud to receive hundreds of visitors to our stand, where we had the opportunity to present our products and highlight their benefits for operational and industrial safety.

Participation in the event has been very positive in all respects, but possibly the biggest takeaway for us has been the assurance that our products are at the forefront of the industry and at that we perform at the highest possible level in terms of workplace industrial safety solutions and technological development.

Logimat was, once again, an event of global reference in the field of industrial safety and prevention. Logimat’s goals were exceeded, confirming its growth and relevance for all participants in the field, We feel very proud to have been able to participate and to obtain such positive response, as you can see in this video.

These were some of the products we presented at Logimat:

  • The innovative T-10R Tag: The T-10R Tag is a protection device that can be placed on any person or asset in industrial environments and workspaces, allowing them to be accurately detected. It improves the prevention rates of impacts and accidents at work.

  • The tag T-10R Badge is a protection device that can be placed on any person or asset in industrial environments and workspaces, allowing them to be accurately detected. It improves the prevention rates of impacts and accidents at work. It incorporates a card holder, combining RFID technology and access control functionality.

  • The new CAS-G2 application: Our traditional solution for forklift detection and presence warning has been reinvented to provide even better results in the prevention of accidents. The new system improves forklift location and gives drivers faster notice when it detects another vehicle in its proximity. Visitors at Logimat showed great interest in the CAS-G2 application as an anti-collision system between forklifts and AGV (automatic pallet movement machines without driver).

  • Claitec’s VAS (Safety Alert Visualisation) solution: A device presented at the beginning of November in Sweden at the Logistik Transport 2018 Trade Fair – the main transport and logistics fair in Scandinavia. Claitec already exhibited this tool in Sweden and it consists of a device that warns pedestrians and/or forklifts of risk situations by projecting signals on the ground. It is a very innovative system, but one of great interest for the industry given its potential to improve job safety.

  • Wireless charging station: A charger designed to supply 12 T-10R Tags. A very useful tool for companies with a large workforce. This development allows for an automated and very simple loading of the tags, avoiding human errors such as forgetting to check the load.

    Por cualquier duda o para tener más información sobre nuestra participación en la feria, no dudes en contactarnos, ¡estamos para ayudarte!

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