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At Claitec, we develop all our solutions with real problems in mind, always seeking to improve the workflow in all types of industries, creating safer workspaces and preventing occupational accidents. Many of our clients ask us – before implementing our tools in their work environments – what are the differences between some of our solutions and what are their characteristics and qualities.

That’s why in this post we’d like to clarify the differences between the TZ-Tag, the TZ2-Tag Bidirectional and the TZ2-Tag unidirectional devices, describing the purpose of each of them.

We are looking at very similar devices that are intended for different purposes. What they have in common, though, is that all of them always achieve great results. In order to understand the practicality of each of these solutions, let us give you an example:

Imagine we want to increase safety levels in an area of ​​the warehouse where there’s a door through which forklifts circulate.

So, let’s have look at our FIRST OPTION.

In this case, we’ll be using the TZ-Tag plus we would have installed the PAS kit on the trucks. The TZ-Tag does not have a relay, and it can only detect the AC-50 and activate the AC-50 activator relay, so this would slow down the forklift.

We could, however, install a TZ-Tag near the door where we want to enhance a safety perimeter, so when the forklift equipped with the AC-50 activator in the PAS kit enters through the TZ-Tag detection zone, it automatically reduces its speed and it stays that way for as long as it remains within the tag’s safety perimeter. Then, once the TZ-Tag stops detecting it, the forklift will return to its initial speed.

SECOND, let’s look at the possibility of combining the TZ2-Tag Bidirectional plus the PAS kit and a traffic light. This tag allows us to detect and activate the AC-50 Activator relay, which would help us reduce the speed of the forklift. In addition, it has a relay that activates the red light.

In this case, we can install the TZ2-Tag Bidirectional near the door where we want to create a safety perimeter so that, when the forklift equipped with the AC-50 activator of the PAS kit enters the tag detection zone, it automatically reduces its speed and it stays that way for as long as it remains within the TZ2-Tag Bidirectional’s safety perimeter. The traffic light will also be turned to red. Then, once the Bidirectional TZ2-Tag stops detecting it, the forklift will return to the initial speed and the traffic light will return to green.

And, THIRDLY, we’ll discuss the use of the TZ2-Tag Unidirectional together with a traffic light and the PAS kit installed in the forklift. This tag can detect the AC-50, but it does not activate the relay, so it wouldn’t be helpful in reducing the forklift’s speed (although it does have a relay to activate the red light).

In this case, we would proceed by installing the TZ2-Tag Unidirectional near the door where we want to create a safety perimeter. When the forklift equipped with the AC-50 activator of the PAS kit enters the detection zone of the TZ2-Tag Unidirectional, the traffic light turns red when detected. Once the tag stops being detected, the traffic light turns green.

Beyond these products, it is also important to remember that Claitec offers the TCS Traffic Control system, which provides great results in the prevention of accidents, and it’s one of our most sought-after solutions amongst our customers.

Would you be interested in learning more about the systems mentioned above?

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IMHX is taking place from 24 to 27 September 2019 in the NEC Birmingham. don’t miss out on joining 16,000+ professionals at the UK’s largest logistics event.

HMHS, Claitec’s importer in United Kingdom, will exhibit our product range and latest developments.

It’s certainly an unmissable event for those of us who are in this field.

So, today, we’d like to invite you to visit our stand!

If you the possibility to participate in this great event, please come and talk to us about our latest developments!

As a prelude to our presence in Birmingham, these are some of the products we will be presenting there:

  • The new T-10R tag: A long-lasting active RFID device that can be placed on any asset or person. The T-10R stands out for its rechargeable battery, high density LED lighting, vibrator, powerful sound warning, wireless charging and rugged design.

  • The new CAS-G2 application (forklifts anti-collision): Our traditional solution for forklift detection and presence warning has been reinvented to provide even better results in the prevention of accidents. The new system improves forklift location and gives drivers faster notice when it detects another vehicle in its proximity.

  • The VAS (Security Alerts Display) solution: A device presented at the beginning of November in Sweden at the Logistik Transport 2018 Trade Fair – the main transport and logistics fair in Scandinavia. Claitec already exhibited this tool in Sweden and it consists of a device that warns pedestrians and/or forklifts of risk situations by projecting signals on the ground. It is a very innovative system, but one of great interest for the industry given its potential to improve job safety.

  • Wireless charging station: A charger designed to supply 12 T-10R Tags. A very useful tool for companies with a large workforce. This development allows for an automated and very simple loading of the tags, avoiding human errors such as forgetting to check the load.

Do you have any questions?

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And we look forward seeing you in Birmingham!

The T-10R is a long-lasting active RFID device that can be placed in any person, equipment or active element in our industries and workspaces to be accurately detected by the AC-50 Activator and considerably improving accident prevention rates at work.

The T-10R features many outstanding qualities including its robust design and overall resistance, making it the perfect companion at the many demanding workplaces and activities in our industries and without running the risk of breaking down or generating faults.

In addition, the T-10R’s battery can be recharged wirelessly, adding even more comfort – and safety – for the operator by ensuring that the tag always has enough power.

The T-10R can be charged wirelessly using 2 types of chargers: a unitary wireless charger via USB and a charging station which can load up to 12 tags at a time.