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Next Thursday, April 28, we celebrate yet another World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022, and this time the ILO invites us to focus on the importance of participation and dialogue for the creation of a positive safety and health culture.

As the organisation explains, during the pandemic it became clear that the participation of all parties as well as the broad and real commitment from all of us, is what truly generates results that end up being decisive for the improvement of environments and societies as a whole. Inspired by that example, we can now move forward in continuing to build workspaces that are safer, where the integrity of people is cared for and prioritised and risks and accidents at work are avoided.

At Claitec we firmly believe that this is one of the great keys to job safety. The commitment and participation of all make our environments better and safer. This is how we develop our solutions, taking a broad and comprehensive look at the industries and generating practical and effective tools to improve results.

This can be seen, for example, in this tour, where it becomes evident how the different Claitec solutions complement each other and provide safety in one single place. Similarly, we can see it in the way in which technology is applied to solve common problems or situations in any workspace, such as the ever-present need to organise traffic, as we can do with the PAS, VAS and PSG systems.

Should you have any questions or require our advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

In our quest to improve health and safety at work we need to both pay attention to our customers’ requirements as well as finding creative solutions that provide real contributions to their work dynamics. In this post we highlight three of Claitec’s solutions that help improve safety and reduce workplace accidents in industries and workspaces from above.

Crossing Guard. An innovative and unique system developed by Claitec, this device is installed in the upper areas of warehouses to help avoid collisions or similar work accidents at intersections. When a vehicle or person approach an intersection, the crossing guard triggers a visual alert from the traffic lights and the projector to avoid a collision. The Crossing Guard system uses radar technology capable of differentiating between humans and forklifts and detecting whether the vehicle is approaching or leaving the intersection.

The VAS Solution. An innovative system that warns pedestrians and/or forklifts about potentially risky situations by projecting signals on the ground and organising the traffic of operators and vehicles. This solution has been achieving great results and is increasingly requested by our clients. It stands out for its ease of installation and durability.

Roof Radar. This innovative system is capable of detecting a roof when the vehicle enters a building and automatically reducing its speed until it leaves again. This very helpful device complements the safety features of the vehicle, generating safer workspaces and reducing the risks and possibilities of accidents.  

Should you need more information on how to improve your levels of occupational safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lluís joins Claitec’s Electronic R&D department.

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and he is also interested in the field of video games development. He is a very curious person, always eager to learn and research.

He is also passionate about other areas like electronics, DIY and astronomy, and he s currently working on a space simulation video game engine as well as building his very own laptop!

Welcome to the team, Lluís!

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