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Simple Buzzer: a warning system that protects your hearing

Our work makes sense to the extent that we expose our products to the constant use and testing by our customers. We need to receive opinions, comments, suggestions and even criticism to become better and to be able to provide more solutions to all of those who trust our tools.
In this post, we’d like to share an experience that illustrates the above.

This is the case of the “Simple Buzzer”, a tool we’ve developed after Denso – one of our valued customers in the Czech Republic – raised a specific concern regarding their experience with one of our products. The customer commented that they felt the buzzer installed on the truck as part of the PAS System to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians was too noisy, and it eventually became too annoying for operators.

What happens is that the PAS Solution – which warns forklift drivers whenever it detects pedestrians at adjustable distances of 1 to 6.5 meters – keeps the pedestrian alert buzzer active until the person leaves the previously configured detection area. Therefore, the noise can continue and persist een after the driver has already taken notice of the situation.

In response to this concern, we designed and developed the Simple Buzzer. It consists of a device that is connected between the AC-50 activator and the buzzer. It allows the user to regulate the duration of the warning message issued by the PAS system. Once the tool detects the pedestrian, the buzzer is activated only for the duration of the previously set time, which can vary between 0.1 and 4 seconds. Now, it no longer emits a permanent sound until the pedestrian moves away, as it used to happen before implementing this solution.

Anyway, it’s important to consider that while the pedestrian remains in the safety zone, the luminous beacon will continue to be lit, in order to continue contributing to better work safety practices, and in a way to alert the driver but without annoying him. Since we developed this device, it has already been successfully installed in more than 35 forklifts used in Denso’s facilities. Several other customers are also exploring this solution.

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