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Dangerous situations leading to occupational accidents arise continuously in industrial spaces with elevated levels of interaction between people and machinery. At Claitec we are constantly seeking solutions that minimise these risks. One such solution is the innovative product we would like to introduce to you today – Copilot. This extremely practical tool functions as a smart complement to the work drivers do, and to assist them in their daily tasks.

Copilot facilitates and increases the flow of information already provided by all Claitec’s safety systems. This simple-to-use touch screen device has multiple functions, but it is mainly used to generate a safety verification checklist of a forklift before using it. It allows to view the detections of forklifts and people and to determine whether the vehicle has had a collision, among other utilities.

With its non-intrusive and intuitive interface, Copilot can display the current status of the components of the PAS System and/or the CAS-G2 on the screen. It allows the driver to know the number of vehicles and pedestrians around him/her at any time, as well as their proximity. On the other hand, it also offers the functionality of vehicle access control, restricting the use of the vehicle to specific users or groups of users.

In addition to this, the information available in Copilot can also be consulted on the web, through the Safeyu platform. Both platforms – Copilot and Safeyu – are connected and share information from the various sensors, as well as from the input and departure of drivers and other events related to the vehicle.

This video on Claitec’s participation in the Logimat fair clearly shows how Copilot works.

Should you have any questions on this system, or any other of Claitec’s safety devices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Technology delivers endless benefits to all our industries and the three tools that we will be discussing in this post are proof of it. Three valuable tools that support the different tasks performed by operators at our workspaces, protecting them from absent-mindedness or distractions and ultimately improving job safety and reducing accidents at work.

  1. The T-10 R Badge, an adaptation of the inventive T-10R tag with the additional feature of being a card holder. In other words, the operator only carries one single object which includes two key elements: the safety tag and the personal identification card. These help prevent errors caused by forgetfulness, loss or distraction which, in many cases are the main cause of accidents or related problems.

  2. The LSA Solution, an electronic safety system designed to limit the speed at which forklifts circulate. It complements the safety tools of cargo vehicles, and it reduces their speed in areas with operators or pedestrians. This solution is installed on the forklift and it automatically detects where speed limitation signals are located, generating the corresponding change in the vehicle’s gear without the need for human action, and thus protecting pedestrians and preventing accidents.

  3. The TCS Solution, a Traffic Control System which segregates pedestrians and forklifts in a joint workspace. The TCS System does not depend on batteries or mobile devices, and it works completely passively – it does not require human attention. The TZ2-Tag devices are installed in warehouses to detect vehicles equipped with the AC-50 Activator. Traffic lights, signal beacons, safety gates and railings are also installed to segregate pedestrians, achieving exceptionally good results in preventing accidents and improving occupational safety in industries.

Do you have any questions on this topic? On any other issue? Do you need our advice on matters pertaining to safety at work?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help!

The German logistics magazine Stapler World (May, 2022) has published the article Pedestrian safety in focus (Fußgänger-Sicherheit im Fokus) referring to the presentation of the Claitec product range that took place at the last edition of Logimat, in Stuttgart. Next, we invite you to read the article:

Pedestrian safety in focus

The technology-based company Claitec has specialized in the implementation of solutions for occupational safety and accident prevention. The Spanish company presented their range of products and the latest developments in Stuttgart.

For example, the crossing warning system Crossing Guard. It is installed in the upper areas of a warehouse to avoid collisions at crossings. The PSG (Pedestrian Safety Gate) was also shown. This is a security gate that regulates the passage of people under certain circumstances, thus increasing their safety.

The PAS-G2 (Pedestrian and Forklift Alert) is a solution that warns forklift drivers when it detects people or other forklifts at an adjustable distance of up to 40 meters.

With the so-called roof radar, the company offers a safety system that automatically reduces the speed of a vehicle as soon as it enters a building. In addition, customers are also be able to see the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System), the LSA (Low Speed ​​System) and the TCS (Traffic Control System) in operation.

Fußgänger-Sicherheit im Fokus

Das technologiebasierte Unternehmen Claitec hat sich auf die Umsetzung von Lö-sungen für die Arbeitssicherheit und Un-fallverhütung spezialisiert. Die Spanier wer-den ihre Produktpalette und neuesten Entwicklungen in Stuttgart vorstellen.

So beispielsweise das Kreuzungswarnsys-tem Crossing Guard. Es wird in den oberen Bereichen eines Lagers installiert, um Kolli-sionen an Kreuzungen zu vermeiden.Weiterhin zeigt man das PSG (Pedestrian Safety Gate). Dabei handelt es sich um ein Sicherheitstor, das den Durchgang von Per-sonen unter bestimmten Umständen regelt und so deren Sicherheit erhöht.

Die PAS-G2 (Fußgänger- und Gabelstapler-warnung) ist eine Lösung, die Gabelstap-lerfahrer warnt, wenn sie Personen oder andere Gabelstapler in einer einstellbaren Entfernung von bis zu 40 Metern erkennt.

Mit dem sogenannten Dachradar bietet das Unternehmen ein Sicherheitssystem an, das die Geschwindigkeit eines Fahrzeugs automatisch reduziert, sobald es in ein Ge-bäude einfährt. Darüber hinaus werden die Kunden auch das PAS (Pedestrian Alert Sys-tem), das LSA (Low Speed System) und das TCS (Traffic Control System) in Betrieb se-hen können.

(May 2022) Fußgänger-Sicherheit im Fokus. Stapler World: Informationsplattform & Magazin für Flurförderzeuge & Logistik, 16. ISSN- Nr. 1612-1848

Should you have any questions and/or require our advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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