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It goes without saying that the day-to-day tasks in our industries are intense and complex. That is precisely why we need technology to become our ally – a true partner to provides us with simple solutions and to make things easier for all of us. A partner which, ultimately, will allow us to create safer workplaces. With this notion in mind, and from our constant dialogue with our customers, at Claitec we have developed the innovative Connection Box Plug & Play.

This new system makes the installation of all Claitec devices on loading trucks even easier, eliminating one less task from your to-do-list and considerably reducing the number of hours you spend installing and configuring devices. The Plug & Play system greatly simplifies connections, saving you time and efficiency. The DC/DC converter is also incorporated into this new system, with its Simple Buzzer functionality. Not only that! The innovative Plug & Play system does not require any external relays.

The new Connection Box enables different Claitec solutions to be fed and interconnected – from the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) to the CAS-G2 (Collision Avoidance System) – as well as having the capability to associate and configure different alert elements for operators, such as a pilot light, a buzzer or a Slow Down signal.

Meanwhile, and as a result of the development of the Connection Box, we have also launched new versions of the PAS and CAS-G2 systems, which incorporate the connectors that link it to the Plug & Play system.

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As you’re probably already aware of, in this space we always like to offer different recommendations and measures to help improve safety in any industrial spaces – be it in relation to the operation of machinery, to the operators’ care and responsibilities to prevent accidents, and to the many ways in which our systems contribute to creating safer workplaces.

That’s why in today’s post we’d like to share 10 key actions we should always keep in mind to help prevent accidents and achieve much safer workspaces:

  1. Clarity: We must be clear when defining risks and providing information on the safety measures to be implemented in our industry in general, and in each area in particular.

  2. Communication: We must be aware that whatever it is that we don’t communicate to our public, it will not exist for them – whether they are operators, forklift drivers, visitors to the plant, external inspectors or other people who visit our facilities. It is key to invest time and resources in the correct communication of safety rules.

  3. Teamwork: It is essential to be clear that we all depend on each other, and that a distraction, however minimal it may seem, can have grave consequences for another person.

  4. Control: It is equally important to carry out permanent monitoring of the working and working conditions in the industry, in order to be able to detect any fault or unsafe condition in the workspace in time.

  5. Documentation: Any work failure or accident must be properly documented, locating the root of the problem, identifying the work area and the elements involved in the incident. This allows acting on the evidence and avoiding the repetition of similar accidents.

  6. Training: Investing in training is the only way to be up to date on the knowledge of the new realities of the industries, and, therefore, of the new dangers and new responsibilities that people have when taking care of themselves and their peers.

  7. Keeping tools up-to-date: new technologies constantly provide us with innovative possibilities to create much safer and more efficient work spaces, and help us reduce the number of occupational accidents. At Claitec we work hard to provide solutions that are easily integrated into industrial operations, and that provide our clients with different ways to improve task performance in order to minimise risks.

  8. Inspection and measurement: Performing inspections and measurements of environmental or work factors is vital. It’s important to control annoying noise, spaces with low visibility and exposure to extreme temperatures, among other factors. Creating health and safety commissions is also a great help for these goals.

  9. Forecast: Preparing emergency and contingency plans and programs in case of accidents within the industry is also very important. It allows us to protocolise the responses and gain time in the face of serious or unforeseen events which end up having an impact on the health and integrity of the people who make up our work teams.

  10. Professionalism: The routine nature of our tasks cannot have us forget that it is imperative to work with professionalism and care regardless of our positions. Forgetting this golden rule for a single second can have terrible consequences, especially when we work in front of heavy trucks, or in industrial spaces with large machinery.

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We know that the intense daily dynamics of our workplaces sometimes lead to confusion and forgetfulness, but we are also aware that the slightest human error can lead to serious work accident. At Claitec, we continually seek to develop technological tools that complement and facilitate the work of our collaborators adding safety levels to the work of our forklift drivers. Our latest example is the Active Inhibitor, a forklift driver’s key ally.

The Active Inhibitor consists of an electronic device that is installed next to the driver’s seat to inhibit his key fobs as he enters the vehicle. In this way, the drivers’ key fob will not be detected, and for the rest of the systems it will appear that only the forklift is circulating, thus avoiding problems or cross detections that reduce the effectiveness and pace of work.

In other words, this tool and its functionalities allow the operator to drive the forklift safely and to keep the Pedestrian Detection system activated in order to avoid accidents when circulating in the work area or neighbouring spaces.

In addition, it should be noted that the main advantage between the mobile T-10 inhibitor and the fixed inhibitor is that the driver does not have to perform any operation to be inhibited inside the cabin, being an ideal complement and a great ally for his or her workdays. And once the operator leaves the forklift, the tag will be operational again without requiring any other action.

Developed directly by Claitec’s R&D’s analysis and observation of the behaviours and experiences of users and drivers from various industries, Claitec’s Active Inhibitor is a perfect complement to its current range of existing inhibitors.

Do you have any questions about this system?

Do you need Claitec’s advice on any other matter?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

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