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As we launch into a brand new year, there’s no better time to take stock of what 2021 left for us – a year full of emotions and challenges still marked by the impact of the pandemic throughout the world.

The collective feeling is that these have been challenging and uncertain times but we also feel they’ve brought us closer together and compelled us to work with greater confidence to add efficiency and safety to all our processes.

So, today, we would like to look back and review some of the innovative solutions Claitec developed in 2021 which are already being incorporated by our clients with great success into their work routines.

  • The Roof Radar is a safety system that automatically reduces the speed of a vehicle as it enters a building. When the radar detects a ceiling, it immediately selects the low speed on the vehicle until it leaves that space again.
  • The MT-50 tag is a device that bands together the functions of the TT-50, TZ-TAG, TZ2-TAG (BI/UNI). It performs the same functions of all of these did plus adding improvements in power capacity – RF and LF typical of a T-10R -, among other things. With these devices, a safety perimeter can be delimited in a physical space, without the need to have people with the T-10 key rings as was previously necessary.
  • The active inhibitor consists of an electronic device that is installed next to the driver’s seat to inhibit his/her keys when entering the vehicle. This way, the drivers’ keyring is not detected and for the rest of the systems it will appear that only the forklift is circulating, thus avoiding the common crossed detections problems that tend to reduce effectiveness and pace of work.

Thanks to the trust that clients like yourself place on Claitec and thanks to the constant exchanges we have we our clients, we have thrived through another year together.

Now, it’s time to work towards an even better 2022!

Thank you, best wishes for 2022 and let’s continue facing new challenges together!

The coexistence between forklifts and pedestrians is one of the most challenging aspects of the safety of our workplaces. The team at Claitec is continually devising ways to help us overcome the risks that it generates. We know that speed is related to safety, but we are also aware that productivity demands are important, and our latest solution finds the perfect balance.

Meet, the Roof Radar!

Roof Radar is a safety system that automatically reduces the speed of a vehicle when it enters a building. As soon as the radar detects a roof, it immediately selects the low speed on the forklift until it leaves that space again.

In other words, the forklift can return from carrying out tasks in an open space without pedestrians, such as the loading and unloading of merchandise on a beach, and as it enters the warehouse or work area where there are pedestrians about, it will automatically modify its speed without requiring any action from the driver. The Roof Radar prevents the possible negative effects of a forgetful or distracted operator in relation to the speed of the machine.

The Roof Radar complements the safety features of the vehicle and can be integrated into any type of forklift. Thanks to a sensor based on radar technology, this innovative solution from Claitec is capable of detecting superstructures (i.e. ceilings) in a range of up to 24 meters.

The Roof Radar comes with four settings for radar’s reaction time and eight settings for its detection range, which means that this device can work even in the most complex operating conditions. The sensitivity of the transmitter ensures that small superstructures such as bridges, tree canopies and pipes do not cause any unnecessary reduction in forklift speed.

The device can be easily installed in the driver’s cab or on the vehicle’s protective roof. The detection zone distance, sensitivity and output settings can be easily selected on the Roof Radar.

Should you need more information on how to improve your levels of occupational safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The team at Claitec is here to help you.

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