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April 28 marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – a topic that concerns the team at Claitec every single day. Safety at work is a real challenge and one which we are constantly trying to overcome by seeking ways to improve and progress. World Day for Safety and Health at Work is always an excellent excuse to force us to stop and analyse the environment where we work and the new challenges that we face.

In addition, this year a joint campaign is carried out worldwide, combining the objectives of each April 28, with those of the World Day against Child Labour. Specifically, this year there are calls for improving the safety and health of younger workers, hoping to end the massive problem that is child labor. It We can´t forget that there are still 168 million children who are victims of child labour today. This joint date give us the opportunity to accelerate all actions aimed at combating this dreadful problem.


The international organisations involved in this cause have called for joint efforts among all institutions that deal with these issues, to create the type of work evironment that our future working generations deserve. Their goal is to adopt “a concerted and integrated approach for the elimination of child labour and the promotion of a culture of prevention in matters of safety and health at work “.

According to data released by these organisations, there are currently 541 million young workers in the world with those aged 15 and 24 years old representing more than 15% of the global labour force. These young people suffer from up to 40% more non-fatal occupational injuries than workers over 25 years of age.


At Claitec, we adhere to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work campaign and share the view that it is vitally important to address these challenges urgently, and improve the health and safety of young workers. We are convinced it´s imperative to end child labour now.

Our team is committed to developing different tools that address the problem of work accidents and help minimise their frequency and consequences. Among some of these tools we´d like to highlight:


  • The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS), which alerts the forlift driver when there is an operator near his or her work area, avoiding the risk of hitting the vehicle or the possibility of being run over.
  • The Low Speed Area(LSA), which allows to maintain the speed of the trucks when they are located within a specific space or area. This system is designed especially for spaces with a lot of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or for spaces with little room for maneouver.
  • The Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which warns drivers when it detects other forklifts in a 25-meter radius. It doesn´t matter if the other forklift is located in a “blind spot” in a curve or if it is on the other side of an automatic door, the system will alert the driver and allow him to act with caution in that situation.


These are just some of the options we offer at Claitec. If you´d like to have more information about our products and solutions and their application to your case, don´t hesitate to contact us. We´ll make sure we find a tool that is tailored to your needs.


There’s no debating that reaching our goals without any effort it’s rarely possible. We know only too well the kind of fatigue the weight of our work responsibilities and routines generate on us. We are constantly overcoming a sea of difficulties to better ourselves in the tasks we do. However, while striving to become the best we can be, we should never neglect our health or that of our co-workers’. That’s why today, we’d like to share some tips to help you make your workplace a much healthier and enjoyable space for everyone.


Firstly, it’s essential to encourage healthy eating in our teams. Including fruits and vegetables in the diet is a key component of a better quality of life. Drinking water, avoiding soft drinks or cola drinks, avoiding snacks and foods high in fat or sugar are also key measures to promote.


In second place, fighting smoking – another key strategy given the proven damage that addiction causes on health. We recommend developing internal educational campaigns on the subject, while implementing smoke-free areas and setting up limited spaces for smokers.

Meanwhile, it is also recommended to generate policies that invite staff to participate in sports and other physical and aerobic activities. For example, some firms sign agreements with gyms in their vicinities to offer discounted membership for their employees. Others generate internal sporting competitions among peers to encourage exercise and build stronger bonds amongst their employees.


These sort of activities not only help release stress but also encourage better brain function. Similarly, experts advise, among other things, creating corporate preventive programs in the field of Occupational Health to help combat work stress, depression and poor relationships.

Meanwhile, on a day-to-day basis it is important to attend to the tasks that are given to the operators: we must avoid giving a workload that puts the person in a space of responsibilities that is too monotonous and limited, preventing him or her from having social contact or relationship with their peers and limiting the development and application of his or her creative abilities.


In the same sense, it’s important for task assignments not to generate role conflicts which could cause employees to have far too many responsibilities not related to their specialty on their shoulders, only to become a burden. Having clearly determined hierarchical structures will also help create a more harmonious and orderly operation.


Always committed to a continued global strategic development, at Claitec we have expanded our capacity to provide comprehensive safety solutions worldwide and today we are proud to share the news that we have landed in the exciting Chinese market!


Claitec’s presence in China will be managed by our distributor: Greenpack (http://www.dehao.com/), who has already created a specific webpage (http://www.gosafety-china.com/pas/) to inform the industrial community in the Asian giant about our products and services and to help them discover the different functionalities and solutions that our tools and developments offer for their industries in their search for improved safety at work.


Today, no one can ignore the importance of the Asian market on the global map, let alone the strength of the Chinese industry. China is a world leader in gross industrial production value. In addition, China has an economy that has registered a constant GDP per capita growth in the last decade, among many other strengths. All this propels us to take this step forward, convinced that we have a lot to contribute in such a thriving and important economy for the global industry.

We know that -in line with what happens in other parts of the globe- in China there is a great concern and a growing interest in improving all areas of industrial safety. It is in this context that we have begun our work and the first signs show a very good acceptance of the solutions we offer.


If you’d like to find out further details about our company and about the products and solutions we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: https://claitec.com/en/contact/

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