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It goes without saying that the day-to-day tasks in our industries are intense and complex. That is precisely why we need technology to become our ally – a true partner to provides us with simple solutions and to make things easier for all of us. A partner which, ultimately, will allow us to create safer workplaces. With this notion in mind, and from our constant dialogue with our customers, at Claitec we have developed the innovative Connection Box Plug & Play.

This new system makes the installation of all Claitec devices on loading trucks even easier, eliminating one less task from your to-do-list and considerably reducing the number of hours you spend installing and configuring devices. The Plug & Play system greatly simplifies connections, saving you time and efficiency. The DC/DC converter is also incorporated into this new system, with its Simple Buzzer functionality. Not only that! The innovative Plug & Play system does not require any external relays.

The new Connection Box enables different Claitec solutions to be fed and interconnected – from the PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) to the CAS-G2 (Collision Avoidance System) – as well as having the capability to associate and configure different alert elements for operators, such as a pilot light, a buzzer or a Slow Down signal.

Meanwhile, and as a result of the development of the Connection Box, we have also launched new versions of the PAS and CAS-G2 systems, which incorporate the connectors that link it to the Plug & Play system.

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As you’re probably already aware of, in this space we always like to offer different recommendations and measures to help improve safety in any industrial spaces – be it in relation to the operation of machinery, to the operators’ care and responsibilities to prevent accidents, and to the many ways in which our systems contribute to creating safer workplaces.

That’s why in today’s post we’d like to share 10 key actions we should always keep in mind to help prevent accidents and achieve much safer workspaces:

  1. Clarity: We must be clear when defining risks and providing information on the safety measures to be implemented in our industry in general, and in each area in particular.

  2. Communication: We must be aware that whatever it is that we don’t communicate to our public, it will not exist for them – whether they are operators, forklift drivers, visitors to the plant, external inspectors or other people who visit our facilities. It is key to invest time and resources in the correct communication of safety rules.

  3. Teamwork: It is essential to be clear that we all depend on each other, and that a distraction, however minimal it may seem, can have grave consequences for another person.

  4. Control: It is equally important to carry out permanent monitoring of the working and working conditions in the industry, in order to be able to detect any fault or unsafe condition in the workspace in time.

  5. Documentation: Any work failure or accident must be properly documented, locating the root of the problem, identifying the work area and the elements involved in the incident. This allows acting on the evidence and avoiding the repetition of similar accidents.

  6. Training: Investing in training is the only way to be up to date on the knowledge of the new realities of the industries, and, therefore, of the new dangers and new responsibilities that people have when taking care of themselves and their peers.

  7. Keeping tools up-to-date: new technologies constantly provide us with innovative possibilities to create much safer and more efficient work spaces, and help us reduce the number of occupational accidents. At Claitec we work hard to provide solutions that are easily integrated into industrial operations, and that provide our clients with different ways to improve task performance in order to minimise risks.

  8. Inspection and measurement: Performing inspections and measurements of environmental or work factors is vital. It’s important to control annoying noise, spaces with low visibility and exposure to extreme temperatures, among other factors. Creating health and safety commissions is also a great help for these goals.

  9. Forecast: Preparing emergency and contingency plans and programs in case of accidents within the industry is also very important. It allows us to protocolise the responses and gain time in the face of serious or unforeseen events which end up having an impact on the health and integrity of the people who make up our work teams.

  10. Professionalism: The routine nature of our tasks cannot have us forget that it is imperative to work with professionalism and care regardless of our positions. Forgetting this golden rule for a single second can have terrible consequences, especially when we work in front of heavy trucks, or in industrial spaces with large machinery.

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We know that the intense daily dynamics of our workplaces sometimes lead to confusion and forgetfulness, but we are also aware that the slightest human error can lead to serious work accident. At Claitec, we continually seek to develop technological tools that complement and facilitate the work of our collaborators adding safety levels to the work of our forklift drivers. Our latest example is the Active Inhibitor, a forklift driver’s key ally.

The Active Inhibitor consists of an electronic device that is installed next to the driver’s seat to inhibit his key fobs as he enters the vehicle. In this way, the drivers’ key fob will not be detected, and for the rest of the systems it will appear that only the forklift is circulating, thus avoiding problems or cross detections that reduce the effectiveness and pace of work.

In other words, this tool and its functionalities allow the operator to drive the forklift safely and to keep the Pedestrian Detection system activated in order to avoid accidents when circulating in the work area or neighbouring spaces.

In addition, it should be noted that the main advantage between the mobile T-10 inhibitor and the fixed inhibitor is that the driver does not have to perform any operation to be inhibited inside the cabin, being an ideal complement and a great ally for his or her workdays. And once the operator leaves the forklift, the tag will be operational again without requiring any other action.

Developed directly by Claitec’s R&D’s analysis and observation of the behaviours and experiences of users and drivers from various industries, Claitec’s Active Inhibitor is a perfect complement to its current range of existing inhibitors.

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Visitor control is always a complex issue in our industries as it involves people who are generally unfamiliar with the operation of the place, the dynamics of the facilities or the risks they may face when driving without the corresponding safety measures. This post introduces an extremely helpful solution to protect and control visitors in our industries – the T-10R Badge.

This tag has been widely used to control visitors. It has provided excellent results for many of our clients by improving workplace safety and reducing accidents. As reported by them, this is an especially useful and practical tool in visitor protection.

Generally, when the person registers as a visitor, they are given a T-10R Badge tag together with their credentials. In this way, and only by carrying a card, the visitor is protected from forklifts and loading machines in warehouse areas and frequent manoeuvring of heavy equipment.

To understand how it works, it is important to highlight that the T-10 R Badge tag consists of an adaptation of the new T-10R tag and incorporates the functionality of being a card holder. Therefore, it is more difficult for the operator or visitor to forget it, or even drop it or lose it.

Regarding its composition, it is worth saying that this tag is a long-lasting active RFID device that can be placed on any asset or person, allowing it to be precisely detected by the AC-50 Activator. It combines dual passive and active RFID technology, which allows our clients to maintain the functionality of the existing access control, adding PAS (Pedestrian Alert) security.

It also stands out for its robust design and general durability, which makes it suitable to face the daily work frenzy and to be exposed to different blows or movements without risking damage or generating failures. The T-10R Badge has a battery that can be recharged wirelessly, adding more convenience and safety for the operator as it ensures that the tag always has enough power. As if all this was not enough, this new piece features high-intensity LED lighting, which helps in rapid detection and ensures visibility of the person or asset carrying the tag.

The T-10R Badge has a vibration system, which adds warning channels in the presence of another person or vehicle nearby. This also warns about any situation of special care or risk. Together with this, the tag generates a high intensity sound warning, completing a wide range of alert channels. As a last point, we must talk about the duration of your battery, which can be up to a month, always depending on the use and other factors of incidence.

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In the first few weeks of this new year there still seem to be many questions and challenges ahead, but we also feel extremely proud to have overcome an exceedingly difficult 2020. We are leaving behind a year no one could have imagined it would be that hard and complex, a year that changed our routines, that put us to the test and impacted us all very closely one way or another. A year, however, that also helped us to learn, to appreciate the importance of being united and to show care and concern for those around us.

Now, as we begin a new year, we consider it important look at the positive side of what we left behind and review some of the achievements of the team at Claitec:

First, in 2020 we were able to develop some highly innovative systems with great contribution to occupational safety, such as the Crossing Guard, a device that gets installed in the upper areas of a warehouse to help avoid collisions at intersections.

Similarly, the VAS System, an innovative system that warns pedestrians and/or forklift drivers in risk situations by projecting signals on the ground. These are just two of the many innovations developed by Claitec.

In addition, we also developed the new PAS Plug & Play System (Connection Box), an evolution of the classic PAS System with the main novelty being that the entire system works with connectors and it is extremely easy to install. This system also includes the so-called Connection Box, a tool that allows to feed and interconnect different Claitec solutions, such as the PAS and CAS-G2, as well as to associate and configure different alert elements such as a pilot light, buzzer or signal Slow Down.

Then, and considering the multiple challenges posed by the pandemic, we are also proud that we were able to respond with tools tailored to these very specific needs. For example, we devised the TAG T-10R SD (Social Distance sensor), based on our T-10R system, but modifying it to alert workers when the programmed safety distance between people working in the same room is not respected. We also shared multiple recommendations to maintain hygiene and health in workspaces.

Thus, thanks to your trust, and thanks to the conviction that we were able to achieve great progress working together, we have gone through and overcome an extremely difficult year, and we are now ready to build a great 2021 together. We are 100% sure that by being together and taking care each other, we can overcome any challenge.

So, cheers! For all our achievements and for everything that lies ahead!

On behalf of the entire Claitec team, we wish you a great 2021!

At Claitec we know that the best way to manage a period of uncertainty such as the current one is to pause, take a deep breath, and to clearly define where you want to go. And that is exactly what we have done.

It has been an unusual year in every way, but we have decided to make the most from all the lessons learns.

The result has been an increased focus on human talent.

That’s why we are very happy to end this 2020 expanding our team with two new members: Marc in the R&D department and Sergi in the production department.

Sergi sepecialises in the maintenance of electronic equipment. He brings professionalism in repair tasks, process planning, and security protocols ensuring quality, functionality, and respect for the environment. He defines himself as passionate about electronics, a dynamic and responsible person who tries to combine work with CrossFit and trail running.

Marc is a computer engineer and passionate about cybersecurity. He likes to work as a Full Stack Developer and believes in the importance of understanding the entire flow of a computer system from the hardware, the front-end, the back-end, networks, etc. Besides all the time dedicated to cybersecurity, Marc also finds time to go to the gym and play video games, especially his favourite – League of Legends.

Welcome to the team!

We all know that intersections in warehouses are high risk places where occupational safety problems, collisions or similar accidents take place frequently. In this post, we will be discussing the many benefits of the Crossing Guard system, an innovative solution currently generating tremendous results in the prevention of accidents in industries.

The Crossing Guard is installed in the upper areas of a warehouse to help prevent collisions at intersections. Specifically, the operation of this device is based on the cargo vehicle or the operator approaching the intersection area receiving visual alerts from the traffic lights and the image shown by the VAS projector, indicating whether they have permission to cross or otherwise, thus providing further safety information for the user to make a decision that can help him or her prevent an accident.

This solution – developed by Claitec at the express request of one of our clients – borrows some of the elements already present on the market, while incorporating a series of unique developments and innovations from our own company with the goal of achieving a product that really makes a difference in terms of improving job safety levels.

The Crossing Guard device uses radar technology capable of differentiating persons from vehicles and identifying whether a forklift is approaching an intersection or if it is moving away from it. With this modern technology, it is no longer necessary for operators or vehicles to carry a device to be detected since the system locates them on its own.

This is also a programmable system which can not only be configured to suit the client’s needs – the VAS System and several other of our systems such as the PAS and the CAS-G2 can also be incorporated into the Crossing Guard.

A device which also stands out for:

  • Its robust aluminium structure.
  • Mounting height of 3 to 7 meters.
  • Its extremely easy handling even at a height.
  • A maximum detection speed of 25 km/h for vehicles.

In addition, the innovative separation fins of the equipment’s design allow no more than one traffic light to be seen from each angle, in such a way as not to generate confusion. It is easily prepared to be hung by tensioners or using a support with VESA standard holes.

Several models of the Crossing Guard are available, either with Bluespot or with the VAS System which comes in 2, 3 and 4 faces with traffic lights. Our team will gladly recommend which one of these best suits the needs of your workspace.

Do you have any questions about this system?

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As you’re probably aware of, the Tag T-10R is the last step in the T-10 Tag evolution.

As such, it  presents several improvements over its previous version, including:

  • Range radius’ better performance
  • Ease of detection
  • Month-long autonomy battery with wireless recharging capabilities.

All of these features have been designed to make your daily tasks a lot easier.

Our customers see wireless charging and extensive battery life as a great ally to achieving more effective and productive days in their workplaces. This is because, although the average battery life ranges may vary, they are always around the 30 to 50 days mark – when fully charging in 4 hours and withstanding up to 500 cycles of full charges.

In a warehouse or chain production situation, the average life expectancy for the tag’s battery intensively being used every day  is about 30 days. In the case of a forklift driver or pedestrian with a similiarly intensive use of the tag, the estimated average duration is 40 days. And finally, for an office user who might only use the tag when visiting the warehouse, the average battery life is 50 days.

In other words: great autonomy and practicality!


It’s also important to highlight that the T-10R Tag features high-intensity LED lighting, which helps with rapid detection and visibility of the person wearing the tag. The light it generates has a 360º angle so it can be perceived from all the surroundings in which it is located providing more safety to the work space and helping prevent accidents at work.

In addition, the tag has a vibration system, which is incorporated as a new alert route for operators in the presence of another person or vehicle. It also generates a high intensity audible warning, completing a wide range of alert forms which considerably assist in improving safety in the industry.

The T-10R Tag also stands out because is extremely resistant, making it an ideal component to be used in industries and work areas where operators coexist with cargo vehicles and large machinery.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Any other query or require our advice?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

In this post we’d like to introduce you to three of the tools we at Claitec consider to be essential in any port area.

Their performance, durability and robustness make these tools especially useful for assisting the operators and forklifts that load and unload cargo in port areas and large docks.

  1. The TDS (Truck Docking System) Solution minimises the risk of vehicles running over operators in unloading docks. By means of a traffic light, this system warns drivers when operators are present in nearby spaces.

    For the operation of the TDS Solution the dock must be equipped with detection sensors, which verify the presence of an operator and emit the warning signal to the traffic light, thereby removing the danger and reducing accidents at work. It is a very easy to install solution, which also stands out for the durability and robustness of the devices that make up the system.

  2. The PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) warns forklift drivers when a person is detected in adjustable distances of 1 to 6.5 meters.

    The PAS is a unique system capable of differentiating people and objects. It even detects operators behind a wall or a bookcase. In a port area or on a loading dock – where there’s usually a lot of traffic and a large flow of operators in common spaces – this tool becomes extremely helpful in preventing accidents and improving safety.

  3. The CAS-G2 collision avoidance system: this electronic safety development is an evolution of Claitec’s CAS system and it warns forklift drivers when it detects other cargo vehicles in nearby and hazardous areas.

    The CAS-G2 tool is presented as a perfect support system for drivers working in port areas or large loading docks. It provides drivers a lot more information about the space through which they circulate, helping them prevent risks and make better decisions in the operation and handling of loads.

Are you keen to find out more about any of these solutions?

Do you need advice on any of our products?

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